Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Talking in the Dark

Today has been quite a trying day for my team and I. The Dynamics Consultants have configured the AX2009 AIF as best as they could from the AX4.0 documentation. Now this in itself is quite something as they do have differences. The BizTalk Adapter was also configured and ready for our BizTalk expert who walked on site this morning. The day started of sterling with a thumbs up on our BizTalk installation. The rest of the day was however spent blundering around in the dark trying to get the 2 talking to each other. Have you ever tried to figure out what is going on with outdated documentation. I do not think that anything could possibly be more frustrating.

So at the end of the day we sit with 2 systems that appear to be properly configured but not able to communicate. (Sounds like my wife and I).

Any way here is the error that we get when we drop a document into the BizTalk inbound connector after it has tried to pass this to the AIF.

Event Type: ErrorEvent Source: Microsoft Dynamics AX
2009 adapterEvent Category: NoneEvent
ID: 0Date: 2008/07/16Time: 01:27:07
PMUser: N/AComputer: AUTHENTIXDescription:The adapter is unable
to send the following message to Microsoft Dynamics AX:MessageId:
Request Failed. See the Exception Log for

Version : 5.0Assembly Version : :
AdapterTransmitterEndpointMethod : ProcessMessageSubsystem :

So if anybody has seen this before your comments would be most welcome. When we find a solution I will post it.

- Paul Steynberg

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