Thursday, 1 October 2009

Who Still Trusts the Gorilla?

Where does a 500 pound gorilla sleep? Anywhere it wants. Enter left stage - Microsoft.

At the beginning of the year Microsoft canned development on PerformancePoint Server Planning and laid off a whole pile of people. Some of them by e-mail, I know, one of them was on site with me in the UK when he got the news via an e-mail. To me this was a pivotal moment in our relationship with Microsoft. A year ago nobody questioned Microsoft's commitment to software development and products. Today a very different story. A few weeks ago I was discussing the way forward in our ETL architecture with my current employer and we had 2 roads, either IBM DataStage or Microsoft SSIS. The most senior person in the room posed this question "Are we sure that Microsoft SSIS will still be around in the future given the demise of PPS?". A year ago that question would have elicited chuckles from the boardroom table as an obvious joke. Not anymore, it was a serious question which required follow up.

I don't think that Microsoft has any idea how much damage they have done to their reputation in the market.

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- Paul Steynberg

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