Monday, 18 August 2008

Management Reporter Considerations

When using Management Reporter (MR) with PerformancePoint Server Planning you must take certain things into consideration. To start with you must have a Financial Model as your source for MR. This will give the entity wizard a few things that are required such as currency and a calendar. It is also crucial that the calendar view selected for MR must have Years and Months.

How you set up your dimensions is also very important especially if have specific reporting requirements. None of the dimension attributes are exposed to MR so if you require them then create separate dimensions. For example you may have set Country as an attribute of your Entities and you will not see these in MR. Actually create a new dimension called Country and suddenly it will pop up in MR for use.

Another consideration of labeling your dimensions is that when exposed in MR, the hierarchies are not visible. It may be a good idea to identify your dimensions in some manner so that one can determine parents vs leaf level members. You may consider having an alternate hierarchy dimension for accounts that only show posting level accounts. This way you do not have the risk of adding already totalled accounts more than once.
By just keeping these few things in mind when creating models for reporting through MR will make life a lot easier.
- Paul Steynberg

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