Monday, 27 October 2008

Dynamics AX Implementation Hours and Costs

When I started this Dynamics AX 2009 implementation process I hunted the net looking for a graph detailing the costs and cash outflows for the duration of the project. I could not find one so had to rely on my past experiences and the vendor to budget. As we stand, just a few weeks away from the consultants walking off site, I predict that we will be bang on target. We should spend about 95% of our allocated budget. Having gone through this process I thought that I should share my weekly cost and hours graph with you. To read the graph is quite simple. The red line represents that weekly cumulative cost of the project relative to the total cost of the project. I have actuals to the week ending 24th October 2008 and budgeted figures to the end. The graph starts at 61% which is the total cost of the software, training for my team and half a weeks consulting time. The final costs are expressed as a percentage of the total cost. (Values excluded to protect innocent bystanders).

Cost of Software (including first years maintenance) 58.36%
Training of myself and my team 1.93%
Consultants Time 39.71%

I have not included hidden costs such as training lunches, my staff time, material printing etc etc.

The blue line represents consultants hours by week.

- Paul Steynberg


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