Sunday, 12 October 2008


TILADAX - Things I learned about Dynamics AX, the Series. Over the past few months I have spent countless hours trying to find information on Dynamics AX. There is surprisingly less information than one would expect. Most of the information found tended towards either installation or development. A lot of what I have learned would have been helpful if it were published and although it may now seem trivial I am sure that someone else is looking for similar information.

To this end I am going to publish a whole bunch of TILADAX blogs. Some may appear ho-hum to the seasoned DAX Consultant but if it can help at least one person then it was worth it. The first blog will about the concept of "locked in journal" from the Chart of Accounts. I will try and bang it out tomorrow with a script that I used to check that the  accounts that should be locked in journal are in fact locked.

- Paul Steynberg

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