Thursday, 16 October 2008

Is Your Dynamics AX 2009 Client Freezing?

Picture the scene. 16 weeks of hard work and implementation time behind you. 1000's of hours with users, management and consultants. We finally go live and...... The clients hang for no apparent reason. No detectable patterns whatsoever. The peasants were getting restless. Imagine Marie Antoinette standing in the middle of Paris with a piece of cake in her hand. Things were looking a bit bumpy.

So we got under the hood with the spanners and gauges trying to find the problem. We eventually narrowed it down to open cursors locking a table "SysUtilElementsLog". This table is new to AX 2009 and is updated when the client is closed or every 15 minutes. If you are experiencing the client hanging I would suggest that you look for Database Locks. If they are locking the above table here is the work around from Microsoft. Backup the table prior to running this as it will be dropped. In essence one merely changes the table from being permanent to temporary.

1. Open the Application Object Tree (AOT).
2. Locate the Data Dictionary node in the AOT.
3. Expand the Data Dictionary node by clicking on the 'plus sign' located in front of Data Dictionary.
4. Locate the Tables node that exists within the Data Dictionary.
5. Expand the Tables node by clicking on the 'plus sign'
6. Scroll through the tables until you locate the SysUtilElementsLog table.
7. Right click on the SysUtilElementsLog table, and choose properties from the menu that is displayed.
8. Locate the property Temporary in the property window.
9. Change the Temporary property from No to Yes.
10. Save the changes by clicking on the disk icon in the AOT window.

- Paul Steynberg

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