Thursday, 29 May 2008

Management Reporter - Scheduling Reports

When I first go my hands on Management Reporter last year I was very disappointed to find that you could not run the reports unattended on a schedule. You had to be logged into the Report Designer and had to physically run the reports one at a time. As this would not do I took my case to Jill Carter and her team while attending the AX conference in Orlando. I asked her who I would have to beg or crawl naked over broken glass in order to get this functionality.

She did not disappoint. They are in the final stages of a "solution" which they will make available to me in the next week. From what I can gather it allows you to schedule reports via the command line. This means you can schedule them using Task Scheduler or from SQL Server Agent. Either way the news is good.

As soon as I have it in my grubby little paws I will test and feedback.

- Paul Steynberg


Ajay Singh said...

Hi Paul,
I have just started getting familiar with Management Reporter. However the very first thing I noticed is we can create a connection to PPS Model only if Currency Dimension is enabled ( There can be many assumption / Global Driver models which generally don't have Currency Dimension enabled. Also is there any plan in future to allow connecting to OLAP Database. Any info in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Paul Steynberg said...

Hi Ajay

MR is primarily a Financial Reporting Tool as was FRx Reporting, which is what it's based on. The model must be a Financial model which must have currency. The current version does in fact connect to the OLAP database. It connects to the PPS service but the data is retrieved from the Model OLAP cubes.