Friday, 16 May 2008


I have placed a survey on my blog to find out whether my blog is being read by more technical or more accounting types. This will allow me to get a feel for the audience and hopefully post relevant articles.

Although I would love to promise the chance of winning a free holiday to Zimbabwe if you complete it, I am bound by a budget of, well nothing. So in return you will get my deepest thanks.

- Paul Steynberg


Anonymous said...

I may be technical, but frankly I'm more interested in the accounting side of your posts... but i'm probably an outlier anyway


Ajay Singh said...

I started my career as Developer, but from past 4 year's I am involved in implementing the BPM / CPM solution. And I feel with the tools like PPS coming in the market, the combination of Accounting with knowledge of these tools will be very effective combination.

Nat Van Gulck said...

Hi Paul,

I'm a developer by profession but I read your posts because I'd like to gain a better understanding of accounting concepts and how these can be modeled in PPS. For example, I found your previous posts entitled "The Flow Dimension for PerformancePoint Server Planning" and "PerformancePoint Server and the Art of Debits and Credits" particularly interesting. It would be great to see of more posts like these that approach PPS from the accounting side.

Many Thanks!