Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Dynamics AX 2009 - Inconsistent Data When Exporting to Excel from Grid

Sometime back I listed some bugs that we had found in Dynamics AX 2009. One of the bugs was exporting large record sets from the journal lines grids into Excel. See here.

Although we have not managed to get this fixed here is a workaround until Microsoft releases the fix.

1) Go to AOT – Forms - LedgerTransAccount [this is the form that corresponds to Chart of Account Details - Transactions ]

2) Expand the node to view the datasources. Select the datasource ‘LedgerTrans’

3) Click on the ‘Properties’ icon or alternatively, press ‘Alt+Enter’, to open up the Properties window.

4) The property ‘StartPosition’ by default is marked ‘Last. This results in the cursor being at the last whenever the particular form opens up. Change this property to ‘First’ so that the cursor will always be at the top of the grid for the mentioned form

So whenever one opens this grid it will automatically navigate to the first record and will thus export correctly to Excel.

- Paul Steynberg

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